INERTIA - It is a dark (violent but absurd) comedy about a young, introverted man who finally meets a girl that sees him for who he is inside. She is impulsive, bordering on unhinged, and her reckless enthusiasm drags him out of his shell, but also into more trouble than he had wished for. It's a story where chess games turn ugly, Scrabble is not for the faint of heart, and the toughest part of a clandestine burial is shopping for supplies at Wal-Mart.

AVA JANE - A young woman takes over her missing father’s business as a hired assassin and immediately finds herself in over her head.Killing is easy but business is murder.

A VISIT FROM JOHNNY SMILES - A short about a really, really nice debt collector for a bookie. He'll break your arm -but he'll feel really bad about it.

Gilmore Girls Spec script. - "Kissing and Horrid Strife" A Spec script of the popular WB show, Gilmore Girls.

"You Name the Drama and I'll Play the Part"- A one-act play about a cranky art-filmmaker on an internet date and all the things that can and do go wrong.



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