Thomas Cunningham is a writer/filmmaker and photographer/digital tcspecsartist from NYC currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.

His feature screenplay, INERTIA as well as his TV Pilot AVA JANE are currently in development with producer James Bradley and in the process of securing financing.

Thomas has also written a one act play and a Gilmore Girls spec script. In collaboration with Peter Punckowski, he has also co-written three feature-length scripts (GOING NOWHERE, SWIPED, THE SAVAGE PILGRIMAGE) and three episodes of a spec TV show (UNCLE JIMMY). In 2005 he wrote, directed, edited and acted in a short film.

He recently founded a service for screenplay notes and coverage.

His writing and photos have been featured on UFC.COM and in CREATIVE HUMANS Magazine.

His photography is mostly portraiture inspired by painting and cinema. He studied photography at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He has had a one-man and group gallery shows at the Blue Ruin Gallery in Pittsburgh and been featured on

Thomas also has been known to write and record music. He's basically down with doing creative stuff.

He also wrote this biography and feels kinda weird referring to himself in the third person.